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Top Stories Worldwide | 2016-02-10

Report Calling For Privatization Of British Rail Agency Draws Opposition

Labor leaders and transport campaigners are calling on the government to reject a report calling for full privatization of Britain's rail system, The Guardian... | 2016-02-09

Future Of M&Ms Could Be Colorless After Elimination Of Artificial Food Dyes

Candy manufacturer Mars Inc. has announced that it will be removing all artificial coloring from its products, which raises the question as to what color... | 2016-02-09

Super-Cluster of New Hidden Galaxies Behind Milky Way Discovered By Astronomers

So near, and yet so far. That’s what scientists have been saying about a region of space we know is there, but have been unable until now to see because space... | 2016-02-09

Drugs, Guns, Crashes Blamed For Lower U.S. Life Expectancy

A study has found that Americans live an average of two years less than people in other developed nations, largely due to drug poisonings, gun injuries and... | 2016-02-09

Drunk Parents Designate 9-Year-Old Daughter To Drive Home

When Balsam Lake, Wisc. police pulled over an erratically driven truck on Jan. 31, they discovered an intoxicated couple in the car. What they didn’t expect to...

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Alternet | 2016-02-10

Donald Trump Sweeps to Victory in New Hampshire Primary

The real estate mogul’s success in New Hampshire happened despite a comparatively weak campaign...